Quick Dry Beach Towels

Quick Dry Beach Towels

Soggy beach towels are becoming a thing of the past now that microfiber beach towels have entered the market. Being lightweight and compact, they are perfect for traveling as well.

Previously (and I’m sure I’m not alone) I would use Turkish towels or a sarong when traveling, they dried super quick and took up little space in my luggage but absorbency was always a problem. They would be drenched in seconds after a swim and I would still be wet. Although I loved the fact they would dry quickly (as a travel buddy) these fabrics were pretty useless.

When we designed our quick-dry beach towels, it was important that they dried quicker than regular towels. We tried and tested several fabric blends until we found the perfect one. We also took into consideration the absorption rate, so we made our thread count just a little thicker, this has made them super absorbent as well as quick drying, and we haven’t compromised their weight. They are still extremely light and our sustainable fabric blend of 80% recycled plastic bottles with 20 % polyamide, means we continue to play a part in conserving our environment.

We love Amity Blue quick-dry towels.

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