Our Story

The name Amity Blue means
Friends of The Ocean.

It's a name that reflects who we are and is the motivation that propels us to start each day.

The creation of Amity Blue

After spending a lifetime by the beach, myself and my husband have witnessed a staggering amount of plastic waste accumulate in our oceans. Determined to take action, we founded Amity Blue, where we design and create beautiful, long-lasting beach products. From beach towels and blankets to hooded towels, hats, swimwear, and hand towels – all crafted from recycled plastic bottles and fishing nets.

Each year, over 8 million tonnes of plastic are dumped into our seas. That’s like emptying a garbage truck into the ocean every minute, every day, all year long.

At Amity Blue, we believe in changing how we handle waste right now. Recycling and reusing are our future, and we are proud to be part of this vital movement.

We are all about spreading positive vibes and uniting a community of ocean lovers who, like us, are passionate about environmental conservation.

Thank you for joining us in making a difference.

Big Hugs


- Katie

“  We are passionate about delivering a luxurious high-end product that uses waste plastics. ”

We have the ability to change our future

Since mid-2024, an incredible 300,000 water bottles have been intercepted and transformed into our vibrant collection of high-quality towels and products! We're absolutely pumped and totally committed to ramping up these efforts year after year, all in the name of making a BIG impact!

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We have created a range of products aligned with our values

After many months of research, we found an amazing product - sand-resistant beach towels made from a fabric that is 80% recycled plastic bottles. It just made sense. The towels offer so many benefits. They are antimicrobial, odour free, ultra-absorbent, quick-drying, and super compact. It is a fantastic opportunity to create a beautiful, quality product that is also environmentally friendly.

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