Floods In To 2023

Floods In To 2023

With the New Year upon us and the end of year celebrations behind us, 2023 has begun with a challenging start for some. Australia has seen some of the largest flooding on record recently and it’s now Northern WA’s turn.

It’s the wet season in the Top End and thanks to Cyclone Ellie passing through the North of WA, it’s bigger than ever for parts of the region. Fitzroy Crossing, one of the 6 towns of the Kimberley has been hit so hard, they’re saying that it’s the worst flooding they’ve had on record. I spent several years in the Kimberley as a tour guide and one of my stop overs was at Fitzroy Crossing. It’s a low-lying area and although I’ve only ever travelled through there in the dry season, I know that the water can rise very high and very quickly in the wet. It’s amazing the power of water and the destruction it leaves behind. Many people will have to rebuild their homes, their businesses, their towns and their lives.

For the past 6 months flooding seems to be the theme here in Australia. It’s not only frightening being involved in a flood but the aftermath is devastating and the clean-up, absolutely awful. The loss of lives and belongings, the destruction of houses, roads, bridges, infrastructure, the mud, the smell, the mould, logistically it’s a nightmare and it takes countless months to rebuild.

If you can find any positives in a natural disaster, it would be that people band together, outsiders come to assist and everyone works as team, there’s love, empathy and acceptance.

The re-build is huge and I wonder if now, when rebuilding towns and communities, there will be a different approach and mindset within council.

I’d like to think that when rebuilding towns and communities now, the government will step in and ensure sustainable building practices and put in place environmentally friendly infrastructure for schools, parks, buildings, etc…. maybe it’s a pipe dream but to me it makes sense. If you have to start from scratch, why wouldn’t you go sustainable? I’m not a builder or planner so I’d love to hear people’s thoughts on this. Is this a realistic idea or am I wishing for something unattainable.

My heart goes out to all those who have been affected by the floods here in Australia. I hope that you get the help and support needed as quickly as possible.

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