Cleaning Up Australia

Cleaning Up Australia

Yesterday was Clean Up Australia Day, and even though I was away, I made sure to contribute by picking up litter during my morning walk. It's essential to remind ourselves of the importance of not just ignoring rubbish but actively cleaning up after ourselves. For me, every day is Clean Up Australia Day and it's heartening to see many others sharing the same mindset. I often encounter like-minded individuals collecting rubbish during their walks.
It's important to focus on innovative ways we can repurpose and recycle our waste. When you start researching you begin to see that more and more people and businesses are transforming rubbish and discarded objects into practical, beautiful creations. There's also some very talented artists out there repurposing and reusing. Let's keep our streets and waterways free from litter permanently.

Copy and paste the URL below and take a look at this incredible artwork made from recycled materials for inspiration, it's brilliant.



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