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Amity Blue
Eco Friendly Beach Ponchos

Made with Recycled Plastic Bottles
Creating A Brighter Future
Our Eco Friendly Sand Free Ponchos

Poncho Towels that Are Sand Free

Our sand free ponchos are so stylish they can be worn anywhere. We’ve made them thick for comfort and durability and we’ve designed them so they can be opened and used as a beach towel.
Our Hoodies will keep your head warm and out of the wind and our front pocket is big enough to store your sunglasses, keys and phone.
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Our Eco Friendly Kid Ponchos

Ponchos for kids

They come in 3 sizes, many stylish designs and each poncho is packed in a fantastic bonus beach backpack that can be used for years to come.
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recycled plastic bottles
Eco Friendly & Sustainable Beach Towels

Our fabric is made using recycled plastic bottles.

As of May 2022, 140,000 water bottles have been recycled to create our range of quality towels.
We want to double that figure in the coming months of 2022 and then double it again until plastic water bottles become their own threatened species.
What makes our towels different
We love our customers, and they love us

What our customers say

“Love these towels. Great for our environment and a wonderful reuse of materials. Really love the way they are light and sand free!”

Joseph M Corbin

“Love these towels! They are super absorbent and I love that I can drive home after a surf with one wrapped around my waist and the car seat stays dry, which doesn’t happen with normal towels. Sand flicks off even when it’s wet and they dry out so quickly ready for the next use. I find I don’t need to wash them as often too as they dry quickly and stay fresh smelling. They fold up much smaller in my bag, so great when carting a heap of kids stuff to the beach. Really such a good investment and worth every cent. And they look awesome too, I want one in every colour!”

Sharon Groves

“Took my new Amity Blue towels on a multi day scuba dive trip! Compact & super absorbent dry off quick ready for the next day of fun! Relaxing on the beach after a great day one shake & the sand is gone! Hard to believe they are made from recycled plastic bottles saving the planet.”

Jenny Holbut
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Absorbent & Quick Drying Towels

Our Towels are Quick Drying

These amazing towels are super absorbent and dry quickly. They hold more than triple their weight in water yet dry faster than a normal cotton towel.
Sustainable Recycled Towels

Recycled Plastic Bottle towels

Our towels are made with love for our planet. We use a yarn called Repreve that is made from recycled plastic bottles. Each 160cm x 80cm towel is made with just over 20 recycled plastic bottles.
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We've got a huge range of eco friendly towels that just look amazing and feel luxurious. Shop our range of eco-friendly towels today and join us in making the world a better place.
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