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Dabway Large

80cm x 160cm


In stock


Dabway - Black Messenger Bird is the only animal able to communicate the stories from our ancestors and other animals. When you see Dabway, you must stop and listen because Dabway could be sharing stories from the Ancestors. If you don’t pay attention, you will miss the messages from the past.

Large Microfiber Eco Sand Free Beach Towels (With Pocket)
Eco towel
Made from more than 20 recycled plastic bottles
Sand resistant
Super absorbent
Quick dry
Lightweight and compact
Secret pocket with zipper
Large 80cm x 160cm
Packed in a fantastic, reusable, beach bag made from the same recycled fabric.
Absolutely perfect for the beach, yoga, travel, gym, pool and home.

ECO FRIENDLY: Our towels are made with love for our planet. We use a yarn called Repreve that is made from recycled plastic bottles. Each 160cm x 80cm towel is made with just over 20 recycled plastic bottles.

STYLE, COMFORT AND LIGHTWEIGHT: We’re all about comfort, style and quality. Our 160cm x 80cm towels are 390 gsm, this makes them lightweight and compact to fit in any size bag taking up very little room. The microfiber waffle fabric is really soft, stylish and super comfortable.

ABSORBENT AND QUICK DRYING: These amazing towels are super absorbent and dry quickly. They hold more than 3 x their weight in water yet dry faster than a normal cotton towel.

ANTIMICROBIAL: Our towels are antimicrobial which means they kill and/or slow the spread of bacteria, fungus, viruses odours and germs. This makes them ideal for beaches, pools, travel, camping and boating.

SAND FREE: Sand won’t stick to your towel, in fact, it falls straight off. Say goodbye to your old sandy towel, Amity Blue towels leave the sand at the beach.

BONUS POCKET: We care about you and your belongings so we’ve added a hidden zipped pocket for your convenience. You can now store your keys, wallet, purse and/or phone in your towel, keeping everything safe and all together.

EASY CLEAN AND HANG TAG: A cold machine wash is all that’s needed to clean your towel. Absolutely no fuss and we’ve added a hang tag to keep your towel off the ground.

EXTRA STRENGTH: We take so much pride in our towels and the way they are made. We've made them that little bit thicker for comfort and strength and ensured each towel is double stitched in the corners to stop easy fraying.


Our products are made from a yarn called Repreve.

To put it simply, Repreve is made by breaking down recycled plastic bottles and turning them into a thread. This thread is then made into the fabric that is used to make our products. Although an involved process, it is far cleaner than using natural resources, and to date, over 23 Billion plastic bottles have been turned into materials. In fact, Repreve is now manufactured in several major textile-producing locations around the world. Using this cutting-edge technology means we reduce waste with every product we make.
Look for the Repreve tag whenever you shop and know that you are making a difference.

*For more information on Repreve check out

10% share of the sale of each Dabway towel will be donated to Cullunghutti Aboriginal Child & Family Centre and Shoalhaven Suicide Prevention Awareness Network.

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80cm x 160cm


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