We love Our Ocean

March 18 2021 – Katie Warrener

We love Our Ocean

We love Our Ocean


Money talks!! It's pretty rare to find aluminium cans and bottles lying around the place these days and why? Because there's a price on their return. Countries around the world are now doing the same thing with plastic, giving them a value after use. Large corporations now see the dollars in recycling and re-using (it's cheaper, cleaner and has a far more positive impact on our environment).

Here in Australia we have begun the process as well. It's slow but it's happening. We have so many people passionate about this movement, one in particular, who's really leading the way, is Twiggy Forrest (the former CEO of Fortescue Metals). He will be putting in 300 Million Dollars towards this movement, working towards a "no plastic waste" society here in Australia.

It's important that we all do our part as well though; recycle responsibly and refuse plastic packaged products where ever possible.

To find out more about what Twiggy Forrest is doing, check out the link below. This interview was taken about a year and a half ago so changes have begun already: 






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