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Change Is Happening

January 9, 2021


What a journey we all started last year. Covid came out of no-where and punched the world in the face. Who would have thought that 2020 was going to be a year that would change our lives as we know it!!!

We were screaming out for change; we were begging our government (and the powers that be) to make drastic modifications. Our world was moving faster than ever in the wrong direction and we needed "change" to reverse the damage we’d done and were doing to our environment.

But who (in their right minds) could have predicted how these changes would take shape!

We’ve witnessed so much confusion, frustration, desperation and anger over the last 10 months and yet on a positive note we’ve begun to see something quite extraordinary happen.

Covid made the world stop and with less human interaction and activity, our waterways across the world started clearing up, pollution dropped, plants and animals began to thrive and people started to remember what was more important.

One of the most positive changes I saw and continue to see; is people, companies and the government taking a serious approach to recycling and reducing plastic waste.

In the 2020 federal budget, the government announced the ban of plastic waste to be exported and decided to invest $250 million on recycling infrastructure.

One company that is making a huge impact on the environment is Victorian based company REPLAS. They are recycling Australians plastics to make infrastructure and outdoor furniture.

What a win for Australia!!! Of course, we still have a long journey ahead of us to expand what has already begun, but as a nation if we work together, we can achieve this. We must continue to recycle properly and where possible buy recycled plastic products.

The more we buy recycled, the greater the demand and the closer we get to cleaning up our planet.

 What a great path we’re taking, towards living in a circular economy.

To find out more about REPLAS and read the latest updates, check out their website:

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